Consultations with Victims

Priština, Kosovo, 17.12.2010.


Humanitarian Law Center (HLC), Kosovo

Introductory Speaker

Bekim Blakaj, HLC Kosovo
Lush Krasniqi, victims' family member, Djakovica, Kosovo
Snežana Zdravković, Association of
the families of the kidnapped and
murdered in Kosovo and Metohija, Prokuplje, Serbia
Munira Subašić, Associations Mothers
of the Srebrenica and Žepa Enclaves
Movement, Sarajevo, B&H



Consultations with victims was organized by Humanitarian Law Center form Kosovo, in Pristina, wIth more than 70 victims’ family members from former Yugoslavia. The Consultation was about Draft Satute of future Regional Commission tasked with establishing the facts about all victims of war crimes and  on territory of the Former Yugoslavia (RECOM).

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